My software was installed in a language, but when I run it, it comes up in another language

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Language GeoAgro GIS

Problem description

During installation, carried out by a user with System Admin privileges such as IT personnel, GeoAgro GIS asks for a language of choice. A language is selected, but when the application is opened by a different user such as a regular desktop user, it shows up in different language.

Software (GAGIS version / CPlanner version / Operating System)

GeoAgro GIS v 2.3.11

Windows 2003

Problem type (GAGIS feature, Bug, Procedure)

Feature Bug Procedure



  1. Open GeoAgro GIS
  2. Select your project
  3. Click on the Settings tool Image:GIS_gis_Navi_12_01.jpg
  4. Open the "Language" Tab
    GIS gis Navi 12 03.jpg

  5. Select your language, then click on "Accept". You need to restart the system for the modifications to take effect.