New tools for conservation planning and doing business with the NRCS

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About the webinar

New tools are available for Technical Service Providers and other USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Partners working with Conservation Plans.
The webinar included the following topics:

  • How the TSP and the Field Office exchange information, including granting permissions to access a customer's folder.
  • How to use GeoAgro CPlanner to access your customer's information, create plans and practices, report to NRCS and more.
  • How to use GeoAgro GIS or other GIS software to help you with your mapping, field visits, and conservation planning operations.

Panelists & Participants

Panelists included:

  • Angel Figueroa, National TSP coordinator
  • Travis Baugh, Senior Software Developer, working at the NRCS Information Technology Center, Ft Collins, CO
  • Ed Di Pollina, GeoAgro Team Leader
  • Dennis Godar, Operations Director, Manplan

A broad audience attended, with 77 participants from different regions, including professionals from environmental consulting firms, CNMP, forestry, and crop management. Most of the participants were registered USDA NRCS Technical Service Providers (TSPs)

Video recording

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Do you need to travel to the NRCS Office to obtain your producers/landowners information?

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How far do you travel?

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How useful would it be to be able to get customer folder/conservation plans from/to the NRCS?

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What technologies do you use for conservation planning/forest mgmt/crop mgmt?

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Q & A

Q: Are we able to access maps of anyplace within our state or county or only particular clients?
A: You can access to imagery and base map information (zip codes, counties, PLSS) from anywhere in the country. However, you can only access land unit boundary geographic data from your clients, based on the NCPDB customer folders you have access to.

Q: What's the NCPDB?
A: The National Conservation Planning Database, the repository where the NRCS stores all conservation planning data.

Q: Which program creates the xml files?
A: The land unit boundary .XML files are imported from GeoAgro Cplanner, which downloads them from the NCPDB. See how to Get Land Unit Boundaries for more information.

Q: I use websoilsurvey for aerials and for topo. Can these be downloaded / transfered to Geoagro CPlanner?
A: Yes, importing of imagery is supported. See Adding imagery and Supported image formats for more information.

Q: When do you anticipate making GeoAgro CPlanner compatable with windows 7?
A: Support of Windows 7 with GeoAgro Cplanner is something we're working on right now. We're hoping we will have a fully working version soon; we will let you know as soon as it's out.

Q: is there a way to edit the narrative?
A: The narratives offered by Cplanner are defined by the NRCS. However, if you think a narrative should be there, you may discuss this with your DC. In this link you will find more Information about Narratives and Conservation Practices

Q: Will these programs run on a Archer handheld computers?
A: This is not currently supported but we're working on handhelds; if you're interested, we can let you know when we are ready.
In next releases we are planning to deliver information services (such as remote sensing NDVI or Productivity zones), as well as exporting from GeoAgro GIS to mobile-compatible formats.

Q: Is there a maximum file size?
A: Maximum file size for a GeoAgro GIS project is 4gb. This includes the accumulated size of all imagery and vector data within a GeoAgro GIS project.

Q: How did you get to the layer properties?

A: Layer properties can be accessed from the "Edit layer properties" tool in the right-side panel. You may find more information here:

Q: Can you mail us the web address where we can find all of the assistance you are discussing?

A: Please follow these links:

Q: What is e-address for downloading the Permission Form?

A: See How does a TSP access to a Customer Folder

Q: Cost of GeoAgro?, Cost of veg index (NDVI) per acre?

A: GeoAgro GIS and GeoAgro Cplanner are free. NDVI and other remote sensing information products will be available in the next weeks, we'll keep you informed. Prices will vary, depending on resolution and frequency it will be in the range from $0.5/ac to $2/ac.

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