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I was a participant in the webinar presentation by Rolf Derpsch on 12 Jan 2011. I would like to comment first of all on the overall experience first and then I'll add a couple of comments on Rolf's presentation. I was very pleased with the audio quality of the presentation as well as the graphics presented. There were a couple of times that the slides were a little "jerky" when they changed but overall it was very good. I especially liked seeing the maps of where all the participants were from. Very pleased to see the global response that was generated by this first presentation. 

Rolf did an excellent job of presenting the material with a very good summary of the benefits of continuous no-tillage. I felt he also covered the matter of the quality of the no-tillage very well.

One of the questions posed to Rolf was a question that I would have liked to answer but was not sure quite how to do that in the webinar format. I thought about just typing my response in the questions window but was not sure if that was the correct way to do it. I did not have a headset hooked up for this webinar so I was also not sure how my audio would come across just using the mic on my computer.