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{{#customtitle:Plan your field visit and download points to your GPS device|Plan your field visit and download points to your GPS device}}

This exercise is included in the tutorial: GeoAgro for CNMP Development / Information Tools for Agriculture
In this learning guide, you will learn how to define locations for a field visit, and download them to your GPS device


Exercise 01 - Setup your project

GIS gis Init 03 01.jpg

Start GeoAgro GIS by double clicking on its icon at your desktop;
You may also run it by using the Windows® Start menu.
The Project Selection window will pop up.

  • Please create a project and restore the dataset Sample Farm IA, as indicated in this Tutorial.
  • Open the "Sample Field IA" project

Exercise 02 - Mark your spots

In this exercise, you will mark some locations that you´d like to visit in your farm

  1. Make sure the Soils layer is turned on to use soil map units for selecting field visit locations.

  2. Make the layer 'GPS Points' Active by clicking on it:
    Mark your spots

  3. Click on the Edit layer objects Image:GIS_gis_Edit_05_01.jpg panel, and select the Add New Object Mark your spots tool.

    Enter some sample locations by double clicking on the map area for each point.
    Click here to see it full size

  4. Assign an identifier to each point in the "GPS points" layer. Go to the "GPS points" layer and select all objects by using the Select by rectangle Image:GIS_gis_Navi_01c_01.jpg tool.Image:LG_cnmp_pfv_02.png

  5. Then, in the Edit toolbar, go and click on Edit Selected Object's Data Select Objects tool.
    A data table will open. Complete the “Point” column with correlative numbers; and any other attribute you wish to add.


Exercise 03 - Export Points to the GPS Module

Now we will import the recently created points into the GPS

  1. Go to the upper left-hand tab and click on GPS. This will display the window for the GPS Module of Geoagro GIS.
    GPS Module

  2. Go to the Tools toolbar on the right, and click on the Import from GIS Module GPS Module button.
    Select the “GPS Points” layer in the dialog box. Click on Accept.
    GPS Module

  3. In the next dialog box, associate the Identifier field of the target layer with the Sampling field of the source layer. Click on Accept.

    GPS Module

  4. The points in the “GPS Points” layer have been imported to the map.

    Click here to see it full size

Exercise 04 - Upload the Points to your GPS device

Please note that you need to work with a GPS model supported by GeoAgro GIS and  make sure that it's properly connected.


  1. Conntect to your GPS: 
    Click on the ‘Connect to GPS Device' buttonGPS Module. Automatically, GeoAgro GIS will detect if your GPS device is connected

  2. After connecting to the GPS, click on the Upload Objects to GPS Device GPS Module button. GeoAgro GIS will inform that points are being loaded to your GPS device, as in the figure below
    LG cnmp pfv 05.png

    Now the georeferenced points with their corresponding identifiers are stored in the GPS device and ready to be set out on site.