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Welcome to the Conservation Planning Portal for Technical Service Providers, Soil and Water Conservation Districts and other USDA NRCS Conservation Partners.

It works as a Wiki, where you can find information about software tools, Conservation Activity Plans, and other technical resources to make your conservation work more efficient.

This Wiki supports....

  • The Technical Service Providers Registry (Techreg) -learn more about becoming a TSP, review your certification options, and more...
  • The Technical Service Providers Support Program (www.cplanner.com) - review training options, download CPlanner / GeoAgro GIS , or get help
Conservation Activity Plans
Tools & Resources for working with the NRCS

GeoAgro CPlanner to get connected with the USDA NRCS Database 

GeoAgro GIS a simple GIS for farm/land management

GIS Resources - GIS layers, map standards and other resources for TSPs

Quick links for TSP/NRCS Field Office collaboration...