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Online courses

GeoAgro developed Online courses, so you can learn the tools at your own pace, using sample datasets for a hands-on experience:

Learn the basics on how to use GeoAgro GIS


Webinar:From satellite to field decisions
03/17/2011 Agenda: Review farm history using information from previous crop seasons (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index - NDVI). Using NDVI for Monitoring crop health, scouting, and yield estimations. Using Chlorophyll maps for in-season Nitrogen applications and evaluation of protein content. Using Productivity maps to manage crop Management zones in an economically efficient and environmentally manner. Review of other remote sensing products.
Webinar:Precision Farming Overview
03/10/2011 Agenda: Definition of precision farming. Historical perspective. Technology components. Building a system. Future developments.
Webinar:Collecting data from the field with GPS and mobile devices
03/03/2011 - Planning field visits

- Soil sampling: directed soil sampling and grid sampling, to base VRT prescriptions - Other common applications: marking tile risers, buried lines, marking zones in the field, marking weeds and pest problems, different seed varieties, and others - Bringing GPS data from the field into the farm GIS - Using smartphones, tablets or notebooks to navigate farm layers in the field

Webinar: Creating, Presenting and Sharing your farm information
02/24/2011 - Using drawing tools to create your farm layout

- Communicate with maps, using symbology and labels - Creating commonly used maps – soils, topo, fields, etc. - Printout your maps or export as images - Export/import information in different formats. - Exchange layers or entire projects in single files - Share farm information using Google Earth and other tools

Webinar:Setting up your farm GIS project
02/17/2011 A.How is information projected in a map? / What type of data is used in a farm GIS?/ Standards used in GeoAgro GIS and Google Earth B.Digitizing or importing field boundaries C.Adding Imagery, web soil survey and other Land Resources Information to your project D.Working with layers E.Search, Explore, measure and query your maps
Webinar:Introduction – Online Course GIS Resources
Agenda:A.Objectives of the course. B.How to use the e-learning system and the knowledgebase. C.GIS basics: What is a GIS? What is georeferenced information? D.Why are geospatial technologies important for farm management? E.Overview of geospatial technologies that will be reviewed used during the course. F.Overview of data collection devices that will be reviewed during the course. G.Install GeoAgro GIS & Google Earth H.Create a Project and add initial data for your State or Region
Webinar: The Importance of Quality Continuous No-tillage
Agenda: No-till on the Plains and GeoAgro are pleased to invite you to this inaugural webinar for the No-till University. In this inaugural Speech, Dr. Rolf Derpsch will give an overview of present issues and opportunities for no-till adoption in the United States.
Webinar: Precision farming overview
Agenda: Definition of precision farming. Historical perspective. Technology components. Building a system. Future developments.
Webinar: From Satellite to Field Decisions
Agenda: A. Remote Sensing and applications for Agriculture – Basic concepts B. Sample applications using Landsat Imagery (Using NDVI Maps for Scouting and Crop health monitoring, Using Productivity Maps to understand Variability)C. Sample applications using Rapideye Imagery (Chlorophyll Maps, NDVI Maps, Ground Cover Maps, Soil Brightness Maps)
Webinar: On-farm research
Agenda: This webinar provides a basic understanding of on-farm research, designed to test new management practices or products for possible adoption into the general farm management system.
Webinar: Organizing and sharing your farm information
Agenda: A. How is farm information organized? B. Navigating your maps C. Creating farm information D. Working with data structures E. Communicating with maps & presenting your information F. Sharing your information
Webinar: Setting up your Farm GIS project
Agenda: A. Introduction B. Course overview - a bird's eye view of the Course modules C. Course methodology and e-learning resources D. Basic concepts for working with Georeferenced information


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