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No-till farming (sometimes called zero tillage) is a way of growing crops from year to year without disturbing the soil through tillage. No-till is an emergent agricultural technique which can increase the amount of water in the soil and decrease erosion. It may also increase the amount and variety of life in and on the soil but may require increased herbicide usage.

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Webinar: The Importance of Quality Continuous No-tillage , by Dr. Rolf Derpsch.

This presentation deals with the different aspects that differentiate practices currently being applied in no-tillage technologies and quality continuous no-till. It analyzes the reasons why farmers in the US are using rotational tillage and show why permanent no-till systems with full stubble retention show advantages over the traditional system. Also, it reviews some examples of poor quality no-till being applied by farmers and will address the necessary steps to be able to move no-tillage to the next level and make it a truly sustainable agricultural system.

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