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Layer's position

Please notice the order of the layers

Layer's order

The 'Orthophoto' layer is below the 'Fields (NRCS)' and 'Tracts'. Please drag 'Orthophoto' to a position above 'Fields (NRCS)'

Below  »»  Drag  »»  Above

On the map the layers 'Fields (NRCS)' and 'Tracts' will not be visible, and that is because they will be hidden under 'Orthophoto'.

'Orthophoto' on top of other layers - Please click on the image to see it full size

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Group's position

Please bring the layer 'Orthophoto' to the previous position at the 'Base map' group:

'Orthophoto' at previous position

You'll notice that layers are logically grouped in 'Groups'. 'Fields (NRCS)' and 'Tracts' are in the 'Farm Layout' group and 'Orthophoto' is in 'Base map' along with other raster and vector layers.

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Rename Groups and Layers

The name of Layers and groups can be changed. For instance, to change the name of Tracts, first you'll have to make it active. (just click on it :)).

At the Edition Panel click on Image:GIS_gis_Edit_03_01.jpg Edit cartography and layer properties

Here, at the 'General' tab edit the layer's name from Tracts to Tracts - John Doe Farms

Tracts  »»  Tracts - John Doe Farms

Please notice that this change will be shown at the Reference Panel

New name

To change the name of a group, just click on the edit icon next to the group's name.

Edit group name

A window pop up, where you'll be able to change the group's name. Please write Base map - Maine as the new name and click on Accept, the new name will be shown at the Reference Panel.

Edit group name icon  »»  Edit group name window  »»  Group's new name

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