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Warning Warning: This is a history article, content is old versions. Please do not use this article as reference. Version: 2.3.13

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Use this tool to print or save as an image file the visible elements in the Working Window.

This tool allows to customize the maps layout through a printing template, where the user can define different appearance options.

Click on the Print icon, the following window will appear. In the left side, complete the fields in order to set up the layout:

GIS gis Navi 08 2.3.13 02.jpg

  • Title: Enter a phrase as a title.
  • Comments: You can enter additional information here.
  • Mini Map: Check this option if you want the mini map to appear.
  • References: Check this option if you want the references to be visualized.
  • Date: Check this option to make it visible, and enter the date.
  • Specify the location of The Compass Rose (N/S, E/W) moving the green square to the desirable place.

The printing preview is updated immediately after you define any of the elements above.

Below you can choose from the available options:



Click on Print if the printing settings are ready, and immediately the file will be sent to the printer.


Warning Warning: this window may be different depending on your settings, available printers, user rights, etc.


Select the Coordinates option if you want to visualize the latitude and longitude in the nodes of any visible layers.
The system will ask you from what layer you want the coordinates to be shown.


Select the layer or layers you need and click on Accept. The preliminary preview will show the coordinates.

There is also the option to choose between Degrees, minutes and seconds or Decimal degrees'.



You can Save three options to save the image:

  • Save Map Only: Map image without the template.
  • Map with References: Map with the column for symbology reference.
  • Save Complete Design: You can preview the image in the wizard.


Cancel and closes the printing wizard.