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Basic service report

The basic service report is available for every GeoAgro service. It will show, for a particular service, all data layers with their map legends.


Productivity map report

The Productivity map report, also known as Management Zones report, compiles all data from the Productivity map service and shows them in quickly readable data outputs. This is only available for Productivity Map services and it will show for each ordered field:

  • Productivity map: the geographic data layer with the productivity for each zone in the field, with their map legends
  • Areas per zone and accumulated: the area covered by each kind of zone in the field, and the accumulated areas for high, medium and low productivities, in two different representations: tables and histograms.


Related articles

Yield map report

The yield map report will show an accumulated output based on the data processed in the Yield map service. For each field, it shows:

  • Yield per area: the geographic data layer showing the areas with different yields, created by interpolating point to point yield data coming from the yield monitor and adjusted, with map legends. It provides with a faster visual analysis.
  • Yield per point: the point to point yield map for the crops, coming from the yield monitor and adjusted based on the numbers measured in the field at the time of the harvest.
  • Speed: for each point in the yield per point layer, it includes the speed in each particular point, which provides information for a speed variability analysis, all through the harvest process.