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Warning Warning: This is a history article, content is old versions. Please do not use this article as reference. Version: 2.3.13

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Select the language, the units of measurement, the data location and the layer you want to view in the Mini Map.

1. Select the Settings tool, located on the upper-right side of the Working Window.

2. A window with several tabs will pop up.



Select the system language used in the wizards, windows and screen help.  You can choose between Spanish, English and Portuguese. You need to restart the system for the modifications to take effect.



Units of measurement: Select from the drop-down list, the units of measurement for surface and length. You can also specify the decimal precision.

Mini Map:  Select from the drop-down list the vector layer that you want to show on the Mini Map, and the attribute of that layer to be shown as label.

Layer Import: It allows to automatically save the layers after being imported using the import layer tool.



Data Folder: Select the destination folder where you will save your maps and projects created by GeoAgro GIS. This folder has been already set during the installation, but here you can change it at any time.

Log Folder: Shows the log folder, where the status of the system during the session launch and errors are registred.  To show the log click on "Show Log".  The content of this log is useful for troubleshooting.



Activate security structures:  resets the program to ask again for user name and password when using the Structure Manager.

Activate warning messages and information:  resets the warning messages that have the option "Do not show again".