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The Soil sampling and VRT Recommendations service focuses on supporting Ag Services providers, to simplify soil sampling and Variable Rate Applications, saving time and getting accurate results.

This service is provided jointly by GeoAgro, providing the supporting technology and data processing, and Manplan, Inc., providing the agronomic support to setup the service according to your agronomic specifications.

All the data is securely stored and accessed through your Farm Online Site, and delivered in pdf and GIS format, for use in SMS, Arcview, GeoAgro's royalty-free GIS or other software of your choice.

How are samples taken?

We offer various programs to support soil testing services. Sampling can be done by your crew:

  • We can send you a handheld device preloaded with grid points,
  • We can upload GPS files to our client website for downloading to your GPS receiver.

We recommend 2.5 acre grid sampling using a co-ordinate system that links the results to location grid-points.

Example from Illinois Agronomy Handbook: Image:Soil_sampling_collect_samples_image.jpg


Lab Results

We use a custom soil lab that tests only the nutrients and soil parameters that client wants; the client may use the lab of their choice as well.

The Soil lab can log in securely to your Farm Online Site, and uploads the test results.

Example of lab report: Image:Soil_sampling_lab_results.jpg

Interpolated maps

Recommendations & VRT Application

Fertilizer recommendations are provided, based on authoritative sources, or customized recommendations based on local conditions and growers preferences.

For instance, the following LIME Recommendations, based on soil CEC, are adopted from Illinois State University agronomic recommendations:



The client can review recommended prescriptions or create new ones. After final review, recommended rates are uploaded to the farm online site, for use by the applicator. The final step is the upload of application maps, to ensure the quality of the process.