Structures Management

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Structures are data models, created to store information about the layers.
Each layer is related to a unique structure that determines the associated data organization, the way they are shown, the data type and its length.
These structures can be set by the user, modified or created using user-defined criteria).


Add New Structure

When you select this option, the following window will pop up:


  • Name: Enter the name of the structure. Names must be unique for each structure.
  • Type: The type of objects that the structure will contain. These objects can be: point, line, polygon, etc.
  • Permissions: It allows to define the attributes that the user assigns to the layers associated to the structure.
    If the Add New option is checked, a new layer can be associated to this structure.
    If the Delete option is checked, the user will be able to delete any layer associated to this structure.
    If the Edit option is checked, the layer objects and the layer information can be modified.
  • Information: Description of the data structure.

The attributes of each structure are listed in the bottom of the window. Fields with white background are available to all the structures and are read-only because they are set by default.
To add new fields, click on the "+" sign. New fields will be have yellow background, which means that they are editable. Enter the new field name, the type of data, the length and a brief description that might guide other users.


Edit Structure

This window allows to modify the attributes you added (rows with yellow background)

Warning Warning: Any modification made to the structure will affect the layers associated with it.

Delete Structure

It allows to permanently remove a structure. Before proceeding, GeoAgro GIS will ask you for confirmation.

Warning Warning: Deleting a structure associated with existing layers will also delete those layers.

Copy Structure

It allows to duplicate a structure to create a new structure based on an existing one.

     1.  Select the structure you need to copy.

     2.  Click on Copy structure. GeoAgro GIS will ask for your confirmation to proceed with the operation, click on Accept.

     3.  The new structure will show up in the list. It will be an exact copy of the original, with the same name plus (copy) at the end.

     4.  Click on "Edit" to modify your new structure (change name, add fields, delete fields, etc)