Task - define field boundaries and fied IDs

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The first step to request information for your farm is to define your field boundaries and identify each field.

There are five options for this purpose:

Send your existing field boundaries & id in shape file format

If you already have your field boundaries and identification (e.g. field name, number or letter), you may send them to request information for your farm. The following considerations apply:

  • shape files need to be georeferenced. This information is stored in the .prj file that's parte of the shape file. If the .prj is missing, it will be assumed that it's in geographic coordinates.
  • make sure that field identification is included in the shape file data, as shown in the followin figure:

//add arcview screen with fields and id

Draw and identify your fields in GeoAgro GIS

To use this option, it's highly recommended that you carry out the basic GeoAgro GIS course .... to get familiar with available tools.

To draw and identify your fields in GeoAgro GIS you can follow these steps:

  1. Download Geoagro GIS and setup your farm project - see //....
  2. Digitize fields - see //....
  3. Enter field ids- see //....
  4. Export field layer- see //....

you may send the exported layer to  request information for your farm

Send your fields layout (sketch or CAD files) plus GPS coordinates for georeferencing

To locate the fields using this method you will need:

  • GPS points to Georeference the fields
  • Your fields layout in a sketch or CAD file

About the GPS Points

The following considerations apply:

  • The coordinate system of the GPS points must be WGS 84. For this purpose the GPS must be previously configured, as shown in this link //add article about setting up GPS, like http://www.wikiagro.com/es/Configurar_sistema_referencia_GPS
  • acceptable file formats include text files with point #, x, y, or file formats downloaded from the GPS. For instance, for Garmin, use the extension .wpt, .plt, or other.
  • Regarding the distribution of the GPS points, it must be in such a way that it allows a fairly even distribution of field corners, as shown in the figures below.

About the fields layout

The fields layout may be sent as a sketch drawing or CAD file. The following considerations apply:

  • Field id's and area for each field if possible, or for the total farm shall be included.
  • The location of GPS points, with a fairly even distribution in field corners shall be included.

The following figures show examples of how field and GPS coordinates information should be sent, for different cases - //put figures for cases like http://www.wikiagro.com/es/Como_enviar_informacion_para_servicios

Send a url link with fields defined in Google Maps


Send a url link with fields defined in Virtual Earth