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The first step in the {{{1}}} development processs is to download available customer folder information from the NRCS National Conservation Planning Database, and gather Land Resources information that will be useful in your plan development, such as Imagery, Soils, Topography and other layers.

This is reviewed in this Course: Setting up your farm or land Project

For the purpose of this {{{1}}} Course, we have already setup a project with sample data. You may restore the project by following these steps:

Start GeoAgro GIS by double clicking on its icon at your desktop. You may also run it by using the Windows® Start menu.GIS gis Init 03 01.jpg

  1. Create a project:
    The system starts showing the Projects Panel
  2. Click on Create, and enter a name for the project: 'Sample_{{{1}}}'. Check option "Retrieve startup data for your project". Please make sure to Check on the option "Retrieve startup data for your project", when you want look for available datasets.
  3. For our project we will go into the Tutorials_en Folder, and select the file: 'Sample_{{{1}}}_<date>.gis
  4. After download is completed, it will show you the option to import the downloaded dataset into your project. Check on Restore, and then Click on Import
    It will create default data layers and attributes for your farm project. These layers/attributes can be customized for your needs as well.
  5. Once imported, double click on the 'Fields_NRCS' layer, Image:Layer_Fields_NRCS.jpgto see the Fields Project Area

    Your screen should look like this:
    [[{{{3}}}|500x375px|Click here to see it full size]]

Alternate procedure for downloading & importing the Sample_{{{1}}} dataset

If you run into issues with the previous process to download the Sample_{{{1}}} dataset, you may follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create, and in the following dialog enter: 'Sample {{{1}}}'
    The program then asks if you want this project involves agricultural activity, click on Yes
  2. Click on the recently created project (If you do not see the project, please expand the project tree by clicking on the "+" symbol next to the root of it.), and click on 'Accept' to open it.
  3. Download the sample data: [{{{2}}} Click here]to download the sample data and save it to your local disk<br
  4. Use the Restore backup tool to import the dataset into your project Image:GIS_gis_Edit_09_01.jpg