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Location Location::38.6233999° N, 95.8289° W
Author Author::Keith
County County::Osage
State State::Kansas

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Visited S. America in 2002 to visit with cover crop researchers and look at cover crops they were using, to see what benefit cover crops had. 

Since that time many of these researchers have come to talk at the Notill of the Plains winter conference and have really help us on our quest of implementing cover crops into our system. I feel the most challenging has been finding CC (cover crops) that work in our operation. We have had actually more cc that didn't work out than did, mostly because no one really had any idea what would work on our farm. Yes there were many suggestions on what would work and why that cc would work but still the cc didn't perform like the book said.

We did find ones the were more consistent on growing or even staying alive. We seen some good results from some cc which made us want to delve into using more in our farming system.

Have seen using the cocktail mix as bring out the best in cc even if there were only two different crops being planted.

Biggest problem is finding cc that will grow enough in fall and live though our winters and then survie our wet springs.

Biggest benift has been lower weed populations that help lower chemical use, plus we have seen yield increase in the following crop. The yield increase doesn't happen every time but have less weeds has allway happened.