The History of Thornycroft Trucks

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drivingThe Thornycroft era commenced in 1862, when John Isaac Thornycroft developed a steam car. Numerous leading firms entered this competitors, which lasted many days, mainly more than challenging terrain, and a 750 pound prize was awarded to Thornycroft's entry, Thornycroft Vehicle Amount 833 - the only motor vehicle that was considered worthy of an award!

Soon after Globe War one, Thornycroft continued manufacturing of its four confirmed pre 1919 types, including the 2 ton BT, 3 ton X, 4 ton 40hp J and five ton 40hp Q variety designs. Later on on, these types were joined by the six ton 40hp W, Thornycroft's very first publish war lorry design.

Thornycroft experienced turn into a key firm whose comprehensive merchandise range integrated motor cars for merchandise, passenger transport and municipal provider, cargo and passenger ships up to a length of 450ft, shallow draft vessels, oil tankers, destroyers, ferries, tugs, yachts, maritime and stationary engines, motor boats capable of up to forty knots (74kph), drinking water tube marine boilers, etc. In addition to its London premises and its Basingstoke and Southampton performs, Thornycroft had several depots and branches equally at home and overseas.

ACV was then taken in excess of by Leyland who currently had a specialist automobile unit in Scammell, an additional manufacturer of huge haulage autos.

Thornycroft's Basingstoke manufacturing unit was closed in 1969 and professional cars transferred to Scammell at Watford.

Nowadays, the Thornycroft name is used by a builder of marine diesel engines for non-public and light-weight commercial use. The engines becoming based close to small-capability engines made by Mitsubishi. Despite Thornycroft being properly closed down by Leyland, the operation's father or mother organization is now the principal company of spare components for Leyland-constructed marine diesels, which for a lot of years were very well-known for use in canal barges and narrowboats (now a industry creating rising use of contemporary-day Thornycroft engines).

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