Upload objects to the GPS device

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It allows to upload data from the GPS Module to a hand-held GPS device.

1. Make active the layer that contains the objects you want to upload to the GPS device. For example, if you select the Waypoints layer, GeoAgro GIS will upload all the Waypoints in this layer to the GPS device, but not tracks or routes.


2.  Using the Import from GIS Module tool you will be able to import to the GPS module the information that you want to transfer to the hand-held GPS.

3.  Once you are able to see in the Working Window the data that you want to transfer, click on the "Upload objects to the GPS device" icon.  If an object is currently selected GeoAgro GIS will ask whether you want to export only the current selection or all the objects of the layer.  Choose the most convenient option and click on "Accept".


4.  A window will pop up showing a progress bar. After this process, the objects will be uploaded.


5.  You need to check the connection of the GPS and your PC if the following window pops up, meaning that data is not being transferred correctly.  To find out how you check your connection go to GPS Connection Settings.