Variable input prescription map in Precision farming cycle

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In the seventh stage of the Precision farming cycle, an Variable input prescription map will be produced. This map will have, for each management zone in the management zones map the input amount that will be applied. These prescriptions will then be received in the seeder or fertilizer application monitor; when the prescription's loaded and the equipment has been calibrated, the machinery will be ready to go to the field.

Input data

  • Management zones map


  • Tools: GeoAgro GIS

Create prescriptions map

Based on the Management zones map, a prescription map will be created. It will have the doses that will be applied, and can be generated with the prescriptions wizard in GeoAgro GIS. This tool receives a Management zones map and, based on its management zones, will assign an input amount for each sector.


Note Note: A prescription map may be created based not just on management zones maps, but also any other map which has been classified based on any of its variables, and with symbology applied to each of its classes

Exporting map to a shapefile

You may now export your map to a Shapefile, which will be useful to send your map and data to any seeding monitor, either as a plain shapefile, or using the software provided by the monitor manufacturer. You may use this tool for this purpose.

Note Note: Bear in mind that depending on your monitor brand some of them may accept a full shapefile, while others may accpet a shapefile with a reduced number of attributes (depending on the model) and other may require you to process it using software provided by the manufacturer. Read your monitor manual to see how to proceed in each case.

Send your prescriptions map to the applier

Finally, your map must be transferred to the applier. Either the shapefile or the output of your manufacturer software must be saved to your monitor physical medium (pendrive, SD card, Flash card, etc). Remember to check whether the files must be saved to a particular folder in your cards or pendrive or not; you may find out about this in the monitor manual.

Export your prescription layer

Use GeoAgro GIS to export your map to a .LAY file that can be imported into 360. You may do this with the create layer backup tool.

Upload layer to 360

Finally, the .LAY containing the prescriptions map must be uploaded to 360 to deliver it to the final customer. Choose the correct Precision farming cycle service then use the import data tool to upload it.

Protocol for implementing the Precision Farming cycle

1. Validation of georeferencing   2. Base info   3. Productivity map   4. Management zones definition   5. Variable Input prescription map   6. Application map   7. Yield map