What is required to use GeoAgro Cplanner?

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This article describes what is required to use GeoAgro CPlanner to access the USDA NRCS Conservation Planning database (NCP db), including:

  • Having a USDA account required to access USDA systems
  • Being a certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) or be a member of an NRCS affiliate organization, such as a Conservation District or State Agency working with the NRCS.

After getting access to the NCP, in order to obtain permission to access a specific Customer Folder, please visit: How are permissions granted to access Customer Folders


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1. Getting a login to access USDA systems

In order to have access to USDA systems, users need to obtain a USDA login, also known as USDA e-auth level 2 account.

2.a. Getting access as a certified TSP

If you are an NRCS certified Technical Service Provider (TSP), you can use CPlanner to access the NRCS National Conservation Planning database.

You can find more information about the TSP Program and becoming a TSP in this  site: http://techreg.usda.gov/ (known as TechReg site). To apply for online registration, you may follow the steps here. Also, you may contact your State TSP Coordinator, which are listed here

Note Tip: To access CPlanner, you need to have your TechReg profile 100% complete. You can verify this by login in to http://techreg.usda.gov/ and making sure that all sections are complete.

2.b. Getting access as a member of an NRCS affiliate entity

Members of NRCS affiliate entities can also use GeoAgro CPlanner to access a customer folder in the NCP database. Affiliate organizations are entities working in collaboration with the NRCS.

Affiliates are "non-employees” who perform services for NRCS, act on the behalf of NRCS, or whose duties involve interaction with NRCS. Often, an affiliate is a business or organization, with the affiliation established through a contract or agreement. Employees/members of that organization then perform the services as an extension of the organization.

The following list is representative of the various types of affiliates recognized by NRCS:

  • Contractors
  • Conservation District Employees
  • Conservation District Board Members
  • State Technical Committee Members
  • RC&D Employees
  • RC&D Council Members
  • State & Local Government Employees
  • Volunteers
  • Other Federal Employees (e.g. US Army Corp of Engineers)

To have access to CPlanner and their Customer Folders, these type of users need to:

  • Users currently registered as an affiliate with NRCS should contact the NRCS State point of contact for getting permissions to Cplanner (listed here).
  • Users not currently registered as an NRCS affiliate can contact their NRCS State Office to determine if they may become an affiliate user and what steps are required for such authorization.

3. Download and install GeoAgro CPlanner to check if it works OK

After completing steps 1 and 2 above, Users may check if they have access by following this tutorial to Download, install and login to CPlanner.

Warning Warning: When users login for the first time, they will see a screen with blank fields, not containing producers information, as shown below. After getting access to the NCP, in order to obtain permission to access a specific Customer Folder, please visit: How are permissions granted to access Customer Folders

CPlanner blank screen.JPG