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The Workgroup module allows you to share projects over the internet. In this way, a team of authorized users (for instance the producer, the consultant, the dealer, the soil lab) can access and update the GIS layers of their interest: edit and save changes, from different locations. Security is kept through secure access and permissions assigned according to each parties role. For instance, a soil lab may have access only to the farm boundaries and soil samples.


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Where to Do the Exercises

The first step to complete the exercises in this tutorial is to set up the computer you will be working on. You may either:

  • Work on your own computer: If you completed our Getting Started Course, your system and datasets are ready to go through this learning guide. You will be able to use our GeoAgro GIS trial version for 2 months. From now on, you are ready to begin with any learning guide you wish.
  • Work on a virtual computer provided by GeoAgro: This does not require any previous installation. See Prepare a GGS Tutorial on a virtual computer

The following instructions apply to either method, unless otherwise specified.

Note Note: For this tutorial, You'll assume that you're working with a crop consultant and want to collaborate and share data with him. You'll edit a field's boundary to use different management policies for sub field divisions. The crop consultant will be able to access the edited data in order to review it.

Exercise 01 - Upload files to the repository

How to upload information to the repository, to share it through the internet.


Follow the instructions of Project creation to add a new one called Workgroup and a sub-project named after the Farm you run.

Create project Workgroup >> Create project Farm name

The system will ask you if the project is associated to agronomic activity, you'll answer Yes.


Note Note: GeoAgro GIS comes preloaded with data structures prepared for agronomic activity. fro more information, please visit Structures management

Once you've created the projects, select the last and hit Accept.

Note Note: If you don't see the project, please expand the project tree by clicking on the + sign to the left of the root

Please note that the project location is displayed at the upper-right corner of the system.

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The project is empty, in order to use the Workgroup module, you must add data to it. You'll import a project loaded with layers for this purpose. To do it, please download a backup set from

Then follow the instructions at Restore Backup to import the project.


You'll see a progress bar indicating the tasks carried out.


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Activate the Workgroup module by clicking on it's tab. The Connect Connect command is automatically executed.

Connection parameters

The above window pops up, you'll use the provided parameters:

User: tutorials
Password: Demo
Database: GeoAgro
Note Note: ALWAYS use capital letters when noted. If the connection fails, please double-check for possible typing errors.

Upload layers

Click on the Import Import tool. A window will be displaying the recently created project and related layers.


Select the Fields (NRCS), Fields_Spreadable Acreage and Soils layers and then click on the Upload tool Upload to send this data to the repository.

A message will appear, showing the progress of the operation.
Upload progress  >>  Upload progress

And a final message, indicating the end of it.

Upload complete

If you go back to the GIS module, you'll note that these layers are not editable anymore. That is because they're under control of the Workgroup module, you must set them in edit mode to be able to do it.

Layer not editable - Click on the image to see a larger view

Exercise 02 - Editing information

How to edit shared data, the information will be always available and current.

Edit layer

Select the Fields_Spreadable Acreage layer and click on the Edit tool Edit.


The layer's status will turn to Editing.

Editing - Click on the image to see a larger view.

Then go back to the GIS module. Now you'll be able to edit the layer, the system will block other users until you save or discard your edits.

Select - Click on the image to see a larger view

Select the bigger field and using the Split tool Divide divide it crossing it with an horizontal line.


The result will be a divided field, where you can now plan a separated management policy for it.

Split result


Now, to upload this edit session, you'll go back to the Workgroup module and click on the Save tool Save.


A message will popup, indicating the progress of the operation.

Note Note: When the crop consultant accesses the system, the updated layers will be available for him to review them. He can also introduce modifications based on the previous ones
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