Yield map in Precision farming cycle

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In the ninth stage in the Precision farming cycle, the yield monitor output will be extracted and its data will be mapped out. The final result will be a map called Yield map, holding the point to point data of your crop yield, obtained during the harvest.

Input data

  • Yield monitor output


In order to producce a yield map, a number of standardized and protocolized statistical procedures are ran through the harvester map output; these will identify and clean out all outliers, while detecting any possible calibration error. These process will also normalize the data and statistically correct your monitor yield to your real field yield; this way the map will show exactly what has happened in the field.

Yieldmaps 04.jpg

To order a yield map, follow the process shown in this link

These maps may be downloaded and imported into GeoAgro GIS as shown in this link.

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