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{{#customtitle:Adding geospatial data|Adding geospatial data}} The newly created project is empty. Our team has prepared a series of layers for use in these tutorials, you'll be able to download and use them following instructions below.

There are two ways of adding data to the system.

Download data using the Services Tab

Note Note: For Forestry Management, this feature has not been enabled yet. Please proceed to GGS0-2-AddingData#Download_data_using_a_backup_copy to download the data for your learning guide.

Activate the GIS Download and then the My Services tab.


Then click on Image:GIS_con_Bar_22-01.pngConnect and login to the Services Repository with the login information provided below, by pressing Accept.


User: tutorials
Password: Demo
Database: Tutorials
Provider: Geoagro Servicios

Note Note: All fields are case sensitive, please pay attention to this fact. If the connection fails, please check the spelling.


You'll have access to the GeoAgro Tutorials project's repository.

Please select the layers Fields (NRCS), Soils, Well and Orthophoto; in order to add them to the active project (the one that you've just created) just press the Image:GIS_con_Bar_13-01.png Download button.

After that, a message will arise showing the progress of the operation (it shouldn't take more than a few seconds))


Note Note: In order to select more than one layer, please press and hold the Crtl key as you select them with the cursor

To go back to the GIS Module just press on the appropiate tab. The downloaded layers will be listed on the Reference Panel.

Download data using a backup copy

Note Note: If you are running through a Forestry Management Course, please dismiss the link below and use this link instead.

Please follow this link to download the file. Save that file on your computer and remember the location of it.

At the GIS Module, select the Image:GIS_gis_Edit_09_01.jpg Backup Tool and click on Restore Backup


Now please search the file that you have just downloaded and click Open


After that, an automated process will add the layers contained in the backup set to your project, please follow the on-screen instructions.

The downloaded layers will be listed on the Reference Panel.

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