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{{#customtitle:What happens if my CPlanner login is not working?|What happens if my CPlanner login is not working?}}

CPlanner uses the USDA authentication server to validate users. This enables you to use your regular Technical Service Provider credentials for logging in to CPlanner.

If you run into any issues when trying to login, please follow the steps below to ensure everything is properly set up.

  • When opening Cplanner, you should be able to see the image below. Enter your username and password.

FAQ 1.jpg

  • If, after logging in, you see the screen below, you have been able to successfully authenticate in the USDA servers via your web browser. Go back to Cplanner and try logging in again; if you are still not able to successfully login, contact us at [email protected] so we can provide you with assistance.
FAQ 2.jpg
  • If, after logging in via your web browser, you see the screen below (same as the one shown in the second item), there's an issue on the USDA Authentication Server side. Contact the USDA e-auth help desk to let them know about the issue.
FAQ 1.jpg
  • If, when opening Cplanner, you are not able to reach the login window shown below, please check with your ISP or your technical support personnel to ensure there's no proxy server or firewall blocking your access to the USDA Authentication server.
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