Convert Points into a Curve

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{{#customtitle:Convert Points into a Curve|Convert Points into a Curve}}


It allows to convert a selection of points into a curve.

1. Select the points that you want to connect. Remember that the easiest way to mark the points is using either Rectangle Selection or Polygon Selection.


2. Click on the “Convert points into a curve” icon.

3. In the following window, you can set the order of the points sequence. By default, GeoAgro GIS shows them in the order they were fetch from the hand-held GPS, therefore there might be some overlapping or union that are not correct, but that can be corrected using this tool.


Select one point at a time (the selected point will appear blue) and change its position in the list using the up Image:GIS_gps_Tool_06_02A.jpg and down Image:GIS_gps_Tool_06_02B.jpg arrows on the right of the window.

If there is a selected point that is not supposed to be part of the polygon, click on the Image:GIS_gps_Tool_06_02C.jpg tool for deselecting.

If you would like to sort the points alphabetically or sorted by number, click on Image:GIS_gps_Tool_06_02D.jpg.

You will see that the changes will modify the line.  Arrange the points until the overlapping disappears. Image:GIS_gps_Tool_06_04.jpg

4.  Select the Identifier of the resulting line by selecting the point that will be assigned as the name of the object (in this example is 3).

5. Finally, click on “Accept” and the conversion will be performed.