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{{#customtitle:Learning guide 01 - Download, install and sign in to GeoAgro Cplanner|GCP - GCP0-DownloadInstall}} In this learning guide, you will learn to download, and install GeoAgro Cplanner, and then use it to sign in to the USDA NRCS National Conservation Planning Database//add link to article What is the National Conservation Planning Database (NCPDB) .

Note Note: You need to have a Technical Service Provider Eauthentication level 2 user & pwd, and be authorized to access your customer’s folder’s data. This requires two steps:

Getting a USDA account – visit this USDA NRCS link to learn more: Getting access to customer’s folders – learn more... //add link to: How does a TSP get access to a Customer Folder?

Note Note: The data you have access to in the NCPDB may not be the same shown in the screenshots. However, the steps to carry each operation will be the same.

For this tutorial sample farm, you can request TSP training credentials from GeoAgro - please click here , to have access to the NRCS training database. Click here to request training credentials //add link to request credentials


Exercise 01 - Download and install GeoAgro Cplanner

First, download GeoAgro CPlanner from this link.

Go to the folder where you downloaded the installer and double click on "Setup.exe" to start the installer.


The “Cplanner Setup Wizard” will start automatically. Select “Next” in the window below.

Before the installation of the program, you need to accept the two product licence agreements by clicking on “I Agree”.


In the "Choose components" window, click on both checkboxes and click on "Next".


In "Choose Install Location", click on "Install" to install to the default folder and wait for the installation to complete.


Once it's completed, click on "Close" to close the Setup Wizard.

Exercise 02 - Log in Cplanner using USDA e-authentication

Start CPlanner (Go to the start menu or double click on the CPlanner icon in your desktop).


Log in with your e-authentication user and password data (or GeoAgro Training credentials) and click on “Login”.


If you have issues with login, please visit for more information