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Download GeoAgro GIS from GeoAgro GIS 2.4.14. If you run into any issues you may use this alternative GeoAgro GIS 2.4.14 Complete
Save the downloaded file in a location from where you can later retrieve it easily (e.g.: My Documents or Desktop)

Note Note: If you had issues downloading the install file, you may use a Download Manager such as Flashget. Follow these steps:
  • Go to , click on 'Download'. Install Flashget.
  • Copy into the clipboard (select > Ctrl-C) this url:
  • In Flashget select Edit > Paste URL. Click on OK. The file will start to download.
  • When it has finished downloading, right-clih on Flashget and select: 'Open Destination Directory'
  • Continue with the next steps to proceed with the installation.


The installation of GeoAgro GIS is quick and easy, the application has a wizard that guides you step by step throughout the process.

Once you've downloaded the installation file, please run it and the Setup Wizard will start.

The first step is to choose the language of your preference.


The “Geoagro GIS Setup Wizard” will start automatically. Select “Next” in the window below.


Before the installation of the program, you need to accept the product licence agreement by clicking on “I Agree”.

Then you must choose between a typical or an advanced installation, in this case you can chooose the typical one, which is a completely automated process.


At the end of this process, the program asks whether you want to run it at the end of the installation.



On the first run, the program displays the Registration and Activation Wizard

Registration and Activation Wizard

Note Note: This screen has two options to activate the product: that is being a GeoAgro customer or requesting a free trial license.

If you are a Technical Service Provider, using GeoAgro CPlanner and GeoAgro GIS

You may use the following activation data, valid until 8/1/2010:

User: CPlanner

Password: CPlanner

Company: TSP

If you are a GeoAgro customer and already have your activation data

  • If you have activation data previously sent by GeoAgro, and have an Internet connection at this time: Please complete the form and wait for the software do the activation process online. If you do not remember or do not have this information at hand, please ask our Help Desk.
  • If you don't have an Internet connection at this time, you can click on I already have my registration data for off-line activation then fill in the data provided by GeoAgro.

If you want to sign in for a trial license

Click on the link where says "Registration form: Registration" That will lead you to the following online form

OnLine form to signup for the trial license.

Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive instructions to activate the product for a limited time.

Upon successful completion of the activation process GeoAgro GIS will display the next dialog.

GIS gis ins 01 03.png

<imagemap> Image:ArrowLeft.gif|ArrowLeft rect 0 0 62 42 Getting started desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:Home.gif|Home rect 0 0 62 42 Getting started desc none </imagemap>

<imagemap> Image:ArrowRight.gif|ArrowRight rect 0 0 62 42 Create a Project desc none </imagemap>