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GeoAgro GIS

GeoAgro GIS is a simple to use GIS that allows to organize, visualize, create and edit geographic information. It's specifically designed for agronomic use, having the flexibility of a full-featured GIS and at the same time, with a friendly interface focused on agricultural processes.

GeoAgro GIS is bringing new possibilities in making farm management more simple and cost-effective, providing:

  • a simple, user-friendly GIS for agronomic use
  • Integrates information from different sources and formats
  • intuitive tools to visualize, select, query, search, measures, print and export maps.
  • Wizards for new layers creation and drawing tools that facilitate the definition of management zones, prescriptions, soil sampling, environmental buffers, etc.
  • Integrated with GPS and Tablet PCs, to streamline field data collection.
  • Facilitates exchange with machinery, to bring yield maps, and variable rate applications into the system.
  • Standard and customizable data structures, to facilitate working in groups and data exchange

Download GeoAgro GIS

You may download and install the latest version from this link: GGS0-GettingStarted   link.

GeoAgro GIS Modules

GeoAgro GIS is organized in modules, developed for different user needs. Following is a brief overview of each module.

Editing Module

The Editor module includes different tools to create, modify, and manage layers and farm features, working with project backups, import and export files to GeoAgro GIS, including land unit boundaries and practices from the USDA NRCS (for authorized users).

It also allows to configure colors, symbology, labeling to create thematic maps, as well as viewing and editing related attributes.

GPS Module 

This module interacts with GPS devices. You may:

  • Choose from different GPS devices or standards (Garmin, Magellan or NMEA).
  • Download GPS Waypoints, Tracks and Routes from the GPS device.
  • Upload GPS Waypoints, Tracks and Routes to the GPS device.
  • Transform into a polygon or a line the points downloaded from the GPS device.
  • Import polygons, points from the GIS Module.
  • Export polygons, points to the GIS Module.

Interaction Module

This module allows to link and open any type of file from GeoAgro GIS. The concept is that a spreadsheet (.xls), document (.doc, .pdf) image (.jpg) or any other type of file can be linked to a layer, object or group of objects in the farm project. The link is done graphically, allowing the user to link a certain file to a group of fields for instance.

Collector Module

This module aims at streamlining the process of field data collection on a Tablet PC linked with a GPS device, allowing to associate information to a point as the user walks through the field. This information is collected in one or more data collection forms that can be designed by the user.

For more information on this tool and possible devices: ,

Web Mapping Services (WMS) Module

This module allows to connect GeoAgro GIS to an online public WMS (Web Map Server) data. In this way the user can connect to data from government sources, such as from the USGS or USDA imagery, topography or soils. You can also create links to your available WMS  sources.

CPlanner Module

This module provides tools for conservation planning, and connecting with the USDA NRCS National Conservation Planning Database.It enables authorized producers and Technical Service Providers to access NRCS customer folders,Conservation Plans and Practices, through the internet, and to report electronically to the NRCS all the relevant information (maps, tables, and documents) in their conseravtion planning process. For more information you may visit

Updates Module

This module enables the automatic update of GeoAgro GIS. If a new version is available, when the user starts the application the tool informs there is a new version available, enhancements or fixes incluede. If the user approves the download starts and updates the software version.

Workgroup Module (beta)

The Workgroup module allows to share a farm project over the internet. In this way, a team of authorized users (eg: the producer, the consultant, the dealer, the soil lab) can access and update the GIS layers of their interest, edit, and save changes, from different locations. Security is kept through advanced features, with secure access and permissions assigned according to each parties role. For instance, a soil lab may have access only to the farm boundaries and soil samples.

Download/Upload Module (beta)

The Download/Upload Module's purpose is to facilitate the request and download of processed data layers, such as yield maps, soil interpolation, or remote sensing monitoring data. These layers can be produced by GeoAgro Data Services team, or any  other partner providing data Services.

To use this module, the user needs to login to the Data Service Provider database, and then proceed with download of layers of interest. This module facilitates the exchange of information with data providers, as an alternative to sending data through email or CD, and then dealing with additional steps such as importing or reprojections.