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In this tutorial you will learn the basic steps to start using GeoAgro CPlanner, a simple tool to access a producer -or customer folder- information stored in the USDA NRCS Conservation Planning Database. Learn more about CPlanner....

Audience: Technical Service Providers, Conservation Districts, State Agencies, Producers who work with the NRCS Conservation Programs.

Goals: After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Request permission to access a customer folder from your Field Office.
  • Login to the NRCS National Conservation Planning Database and access Customer folders in which you have been granted permissions.
  • View and Edit Land Units or Conservation Practices as part of your specific Conservation Plan.
  • View, upload and edit documents related with the Customer folder
  • Send all changes made to the NRCS Conservation Planning Database, making it available for review by the Field Office.

Requisites: In order to start using GeoAgro CPlanner to access your own folders in the NRCS National Conservation Planning database, you will need to:

Note Note: For following these tutorials you don't need to have these requisites. You may request a user/password from GeoAgro for training purposes, and you will also have access to sample training folders.


1 Download, install and sign in
Download, install GeoAgro CPlanner and sign in to the NRCS Conservation Planning Database

2 Request Access and Download Customer Folders
Learn how to find and download your customer folders

3 Edit your customer folders
Check out your customer folders and add new conservation plans, land units, or practices. Then Check it back to the NRCS to upload your modifications

4 Exchange documents.
Learn how to exchange documents with the USDA: upload, download and modify.

Please visit GeoAgro's Support center to review the complete GeoAgro GIS reference guide, FAQ's and other information.

Please visit GeoAgro's Training center to find online courses and webinars for learning how GeoAgro's tools are applied.