Getting Started with GeoAgro GIS

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{{#customtitle:Getting started: How to start using GeoAgro GIS|Getting started: How to start using GeoAgro GIS}}

Learn the basic steps to start using GeoAgro GIS, a full featured and simple to use GIS designed for agronomic use. The exercises below are done on a sample data set, to allow you to have a hands-on experiene.

For an overview of features please visit this article GeoAgro GIS features


1 Download & install
Download a full featured trial version of GeoAgro GIS and use it for free for 2 months.

2 Create a project
GeoAgro GIS allows you to organize information into groups of layers called projects, to facilitate the operation of large amounts of data.

3 Adding sample tutorial data to your project
The newly created project is empty. The next step is to add geospatial information to work in the GIS Module.

4 Working with layers of information
Much like any other GIS, GeoAgro GIS presents geographical entities as a series of overlaid maps that are called "layers". Learn how to use the Reference Panel to work with them.

5 If you are ready to setup your farm please visit Start a project in your State.
Follow these steps to use predefined State Specific datasets with online imagery and topography.

6 Visit GeoAgro's Support center to learn more.
For more detail on the tool's features you may visit the Support center which contains the refence guide, FAQ's and online courses.