How can I import a text file with GPS coordinates

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GeoAgro GIS allows to import GPS coordinates in a text file in the following sample format:

 Lat            Lon

34.8734      -32.3232

34.6543      -32.4321 ...

Note Note: the text files can be delimited by comma or tabs
Note Note: the GPS coordinates should be in decimal format
Note Note: the header row should contain labels for latitude, longitude

In order to import the file, you should follow these steps:

  1. Create a layer where you'll be importing the points. Use the Create Vector layer tool, creating a layer with a point data structure  containing fields 'Latitude' and 'Longitude', such as 'GPS Points'
  2. Select the Import Text tool GIS gis Edit 07b 01.jpg

  3. The Import Text tool window will appear:

    GIS gis Edit 07b 02.jpg

    You should make sure that (see reference numbers in figure above):
    1. browse and select the text file that contains your GPS coordinates
    2. Select the layer name that you just created with the 'GPS Points'
    3. Select the Latitude and Longitude column names (in the text file), to match Latitude and Longitude values
    6. Check the option 'First row contains Attribute Names.