How to download services in 360

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In this tutorial we'll be reviewing how to download a service from Farm360

1. Click on My Services (A), then click on the service you want(B).


2. Click on Downloads section.


3. If you are a GeoAgro GIS user, you may downloads layers for your services in .GIS or .LAY format (A) which, later on, can be restored in a GIS project. If you're not a GeoAgro GIS user, you may download them in Shapefile format (B) which can be imported into any GIS software. If you use Google Earth, you may also download Google Earth-compatible .KML files. (C)


4. A couple of minutes later you'll receive an email telling you the service's available for download. You may then download your file clicking in Download.


5. Having downloaded the file, you now need to import it into your GIS software.

If you're using GeoAgro GIS you may:

If you use a different GIS software, you may request shapefiles, the de facto standard which can be imported into all GIS softwares, or .KML files if you use Google Earth.