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| Aplicacion variable por area  
| Variable application by area  

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Warning Warning: This feature is available to Precision Farming Cycle services only.

This guide will teach you how to import data from GeoAgro GIS into the 360's Precision Farming Cycle.

1. Exporting data from GeoAgro GIS

To upload your data into 360's Precision Farming Cycle, you need to export them from GeoAgro GIS first. This is the list of formats you may import into the Precision Farming Cycle:

Structure Tipo
Points yield POINT
Variable application POINT
Variable application by area MULTIPOLYGON
Productivity map MULTIPOLYGON
Variable prescription MULTIPOLYGON
Field samples POINT
Management zones MULTIPOLYGON

These data must have been previously exported to GeoAgro GIS backup formats, .GIS (project backup) and .LAY (layer backup). If you haven't done this in the past, you may use the links below to see how to do it:

  • To see how to create a project backup, click here.
  • To see how to create a layer backup, click here.

We suggest you to use .LAY (layer backups) files containing just those layers you'd like to import; this will provide for a faster upload to 360.

2. Importing your data into 360's Precision farming cycle

1. Click on My Services (A), then click on the Precision farming cycle service you'd like to use (B).

Importing data 1.jpg

2. Click on the "Import data" button.

Importing data 2.jpg

3. Next, we will select the files with the source data; it will be the .GIS/.LAY you got from GeoAgro GIS. Click on the "Choose file" button (A) to select the file, then click on the "Upload" button (B) to begin uploading your data.

Importing data 3.jpg

4. You will then see information such as the destination layer in 360, the data structure, etc. Check on the Import box and click on the "Upload" button to confirm the upload.

Importing data 4.jpg

5. Once the upload's completed, you'll be redirected to the Precision farming cycle service navigation, where you'll be able to see the data you uploaded.

Importing data 5.jpg