How to order a productivity map in 360

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Productivity maps are derived from crop production history and remote sensing, and are a practical method to determine variability to make site specific management decisions. Visit this article: Productivity Maps Overview to learn more.

To request this service, you would follow these steps:

1. Go to, and click on the link as shown in the figure below:

FSC requestPM1.jpg

2. Click on 'Add Service', and then Click on the Productivity Map button.

Requesting farm services2.jpg

2. Go to the Farm list and choose the farm containing the field which you want to use for the service request. Click on the CONTINUE button to go on.

FSC requestPM2.jpg

3. Then, you would enter:

  • The estimated area to process (A). This area is a general estimation to validate that there are no major differences with the selected fields.
  • Define how many classes will have the resulting productivity map (B).
  • Select the field or fields to process (C).
  • If you wish, you may include comments related with the request (D).

Finally, Click on NEXT STEP

FSC requestPM3.jpg

4. In this step, you can use an alternative way to enter crop data, by attaching a spreadsheet or other documents with information regarding crop history. You may use this crop history template for this purpose:

  • Click on Choose File (A), and browse for the file that you'd like to upload.
  • You can continue attaching files by clicking on 'Add another file' (B).
  • Once you've finished attaching the file(s), click on 'SEND IT' to upload them (C).

Once you've finished, click on NEXT STEP.

FSC requestPM5.jpg

5. In this step you can review your shopping cart and confirm the request:

  • If you have a Discount Coupon you can enter it in 'COUPON CODE'(A) and then click on 'APPLY TO ORDER' (B)
  • To confirm your request, you would click on 'CHECKOUT' (C).

FSC requestPM6.jpg

6. In the next steps you will follow administrative steps to complete the request - billing data, form of payment, etc.

You're all set! you will be notified when the Productivity Map is ready.