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2. Next step will be to choose the service you want to request.
2. Next step will be to choose the service you want to request.
[[Image:Requesting farm services2.jpg|300px|Requesting farm services2.jpg]]  
[[Image:Requesting farm services2.jpg|Requesting farm services2.jpg]]  

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Using 360, you may request these services:

  • Productivity map: based on historical satellite imagery, NDVIs are processed and combined to find the potential productivity of each zone int he field. This is the best starting point if you want to find intra-field management zones.
  • Yield maps: yield monitor data from different sources is classified per field, crop, year. Also, data is cleaned up based on several statistical criteria; the result of this process is a number of maps in points, polygons and grid, speed reports, etc.
  • NDVI: reccent satellite imagery is processed, resulting in new NDVI to find out a particular crop evolved in a particular campaign. You may use this in your field visits.
  • Precision farming cycle: Our tools and the backing of your local agronomists will ensure implementing the precision farming cycle with simplicity and exhaustivity.

To request a service, you may follow these steps:

1. In the Farm Services Center main menu you'll find an Add service button; click on it

FSC request service 1.jpg

2. Next step will be to choose the service you want to request.

Requesting farm services2.jpg

The tutorials below will show you how to request each of our services:

  • Click here to see the tutorial to request your Productivity map
  • Click here to see the tutorial for requesting Yield maps
  • Click here to see how to request our NDVI service
  • Click here to check how to request our Precision farming cycle

Once the service's been processed, an email will notify you of your data being available and you'll be able to either download it or see it via web browser.