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This tool allows to import the information included in a text file into a point layer. It is used to add data coming from yield monitors, seed planter monitors, etc.
Select the option Import Text and the following window will appear:


1. Click on Browse and you will be able to search for the text file you wish to import. Once you get to it, select it and click on Accept.

It's important to note that the text files should be separated by TABs or commas

2. Select from the drop-down list the point layer to which you want to import. If that layer doesn't exist, you need to create it before using the import tool:

  • To correctly import the data from the imported file (without losing information), you can create a compatible data structure using the Structures Manager tool
  • Manage_structures_and_permissionsThen, you can create a new layer by using the Add new layer tool -> 'Create new vector layer' option (you can choose the right data structure when you create the layer).

3. Select the attributes of the imported file that contains Latitude and Longitude information to ensure the correct georeferencing of the objects.


4. You can also select the option to Calculate the attributes of the base layer.

5. In the left panel you can see the structure of the GeoAgro GIS layer. In the right panel you can see the attributes of the imported file. Match all the attributes that you will need to avoid loosing data.

6. If the data from the text file has the attribute name in the first row, mark the option as shown in the image below.
Otherwise, you will need to know in advance what attribute corresponds to each data type in order to do the matching.