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Welcome to the Conservation Planning Portal for USDA NRCS Conservation Partners. 

This Portal is intended for Technical Service Providers, Soil and Water Conservation Districts and other USDA NRCS Conservation Partners.

It works as a Wiki, where you can find information about software tools, Conservation Activity Plans, and other technical resources to make your conservation work more efficient.

This Wiki supports....

  • The Technical Service Providers Registry (Techreg) -learn more about becoming a TSP, review your certification options, and more...
  • The Technical Service Providers Support Program (www.cplanner.com) - review training options, download CPlanner / GeoAgro GIS , or get help
Conservation Activity Plans

  • 102 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP)
  • 104 Nutrient Management Plan
  • 106 Forest Management Plan
  • 110 Grazing Management Plan
  • 114 Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • 118 Irrigation Water Management Plan
  • 122 Headquarters Agricultural Energy Management Plan
  • 124 Landscape Agricultural Energy Management Plan
  • 126 Comprehensive Air Quality Management Plan
  • 130 Drainage Water Management Plan
  • 134 Transition from Irrigated to Dryland Plan
  • 138 Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Tranisition Plan
  • 142 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Plan
  • 146 Pollinator Habitat Plan
  • 150 Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Conservation Activity Plan
  • 154 Integrated Pest Management-Herbicide Resistance Weed Plan

Tools & Resources for working with the NRCS

GeoAgro CPlanner to get connected with the USDA NRCS Database 

GeoAgro GIS a simple GIS for farm/land management GIS Resources - GIS layers, map standards and other resources for TSPs

Quick links for TSP/NRCS Field Office collaboration...