Restore Startup Data 2.3.13

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Warning Warning: This is a history article, content is old versions. Please do not use this article as reference. Version: 2.3.13

Link to original article: Restore Startup Data

We call startup data as the information about a zone or region that GeoAgro has available for its clients to use within GeoAgro GIS. This data can be of different kinds: geographic data, road data, weather, infrastructure, etc.

How to restore the startup data?

To restore the startup data previously loaded in your system, you need to check the "Restore" box for each dataset. Also the user can choose to "Delete" the data that is not desired to be available for later restoring.


Once you select the data that you want to "Restore" or "Delete", click on Accept and the program will run the command accordingly.

Below There is also a link "Download data for your project" from where you can download more startup data from GeoAgro servers.