Using GPS devices not compatible with NMEA

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Problem description

When you try to import points from GPS devices to GeoAgro GIS, using a device not compatible with the NMEA protocol, the program will not recognize a connected device.

Usually these are devices which are connected to the computer through a USB cable and are shown as a Mass storage device where one or more files are displayed.


To import points into GeoAgro GIS additional software it's needed to convert the points to a compatible format:

  1. Download and install GPS Babel from this link
  2. Once installed, in the main program window, you may select the data input and output

    GPSBabel 000001.jpg

  3. For input, you can select the file type of your GPS device, in this example, the file type Magellan - eXplorist was selected
  4. For output you can select Comma separated values
  5. Finally, you can import the output file in GeoAgro GIS using the tool Import text file

Additional information

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Software (Versión de GAGIS / Sistema Operativo)

GeoAgro GIS TODAS las Versiones.

Tipo de Problema (Funcionalidad GAGIS, Bug, Procedimiento)

Hay tres tipos de guias de resolucion de problemas: Funcionalidad, para funcionalidades faltantes, Bug por comportamiento erroneo, y Procedimiento para resolucion mediante procedimiento.

En este caso corresponde a:

Funcionalidad Bug Procedimiento
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