Validation of georeferencing in Precision farming cycle

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The Precision Farming Cycle starts with validating your farm and fields georreferencing. In this stage, your farm and fields geographic data uploaded to 360 is reviewed to complete your order, and all modifications needed to ensure a correct processing of your Precision Farming Cycle services are done.

Input data

  • Farms uploaded to 360
  • Fields uploaded to 360


This is a tuning process; our Services personnel reviews all geographic data uploaded to your order, compares it to other data sources (satellite imagery, other vector data sources), evaluates all differences found, and requests further data in case it's needed.

Some of the possible data types that may be requested when further information needed are:

  • GPS corner points: points must be taken following these tips.
  • Yield files
  • Shapefiles or .kml/.kmz

Services will use this data to correct your farm and field polygons, which will be used as a reference for all subsequent stages.

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