What GPS Models are supported by GeoAgro GIS?

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GeoAgro GIS integrates GPS Babel tools, an open source GIS translator. Thus, GeoAgro GIS will support the same GPS models supported by GPS Babel - for more information visit: http://www.gpsbabel.org/. This article transcripts the GPS models listed in: http://www.gpsbabel.org/htmldoc-development/fmt_garmin.html, where you'll find the latest information on supported models.

GPS models with full support (real time navigation and GPS features upload/download)

All GPS devices using the NMEA GPS Protocol, are fully supported by GeoAgro GIS.  

Full support means that the GPS device can be used for real-time navigation in GeoAgro GIS, or for uploading/downloading features, as detailed in the GPS toolbar.

The following is a list of GPS models Garmin USB supported by GeoAgro GIS:

Astro Forerunner 205 GPSMAP 60CSx StreetPilot 2650
Edge 205 Forerunner 301 GPSMAP 60Cx StreetPilot 2720
Edge 305 Forerunner 305 GPSMAP 76C StreetPilot 2730
eTrex Legend C Foretrex 201 GPSMAP 76CS StreetPilot 2820
eTrex Legend Cx Foretrex 301 GPSMAP 76CSX StreetPilot 7200
eTrex Legend H GPS 18[1] GPSMAP 76Cx StreetPilot 7500
eTrex Legend HCx GPSMAP 195 GPSMAP 96 StreetPilot c310
eTrex Summit Cx GPSMAP 276C GPSMAP 96C StreetPilot c320
eTrex Summit HC GPSMAP 295 Quest StreetPilot c330
eTrex Venture C GPSMAP 296C Quest II StreetPilot c340
eTrex Venture Cx GPSMAP 378 Rhino 520 StreetPilot i2
eTrex Venture HC GPSMAP 396 Rhino 530 StreetPilot i3
eTrex Vista C GPSMAP 478 Rhino 520 HCx StreetPilot i5
eTrex Vista Cx GPSMAP 496 Rhino 530 HCx
eTrex Vista H GPSMAP 60C StreetPilot 2610
eTrex Vista HCx GPSMAP 60CS StreetPilot 2620

In addition to these devices, most serial Garmin GPS receivers are supported, including:

eMap eTrex H GPS 12 Rhino 110
eTrex Camo Forerunner 201 GPS Rhino 120
eTrex Legend Foretrex 201 GPS III Rhino 130
eTrex Summit Geko 201 GPS III+ StreetPilot III
eTrex Venture Geko 301 GPS II StreetPilot III+
eTrex Vista GPS 12CX GPS II+
eTrex (Basic Yellow) GPS 12Map GPS V

Note Note: these GPS devices communicated through serial ports will require to have their corresponding drivers installed in your computer, to work properly

If you have another GPS model, you may check if it's compatible by sending an email to [email protected]

GPS models not supported (allow for GPS features upload/download through third party programs)

GPS Garmin NUVI, smartphones with GPS, Palm Devices (PDAs), and other GPS devices that do not use the NMEA communication protocol are not fully compatible with GeoAgro GIS. This means that these devices can not be connected for real-time navigation, or direct upload/download of GPS features  (for more information please review  Why can't I connect my Garmin Nuvi or my gps-enabled mobile phone to GeoAgro GIS?).

Warning Warning: If you try to connect GPS devices not fully supported by GeoAgro GIS, the program will not recognize the device.

However, you may use these  receivers to transfer data, by reading or write GPX files from the mass storage device as mounted on your computer.  As a workaround, you can upload/download GPS features, by following these steps: Using GPS devices not compatible with NMEA. The following is a list of GPS devices which fall in this category:

eTrex 10 Nuvi 255 Nuvi 770 Nuvi 1690T
eTrex 20 Nuvi 250W Nuvi 775T Nuvi 3750
eTrex 30 Nuvi 255W Nuvi 780 Nuvi 3760T
Colorado 300 Nuvi 260 Nuvi 785T Nuvi 3790T
Colorado 400c Nuvi 265T Nuvi 880 Oregon 200
Colorado 400i Nuvi 265WT Nuvi 885T Oregon 300
Colorado 400t Nuvi 260W Nuvi 1200 Oregon 400c
Dakota 10 Nuvi 270 Nuvi 1250 Oregon 400i
Dakota 20 Nuvi 275T Nuvi 1260T Oregon 400t
GPSMap 62 Nuvi 300 Nuvi 1300 Oregon 450
GPSMap 62sc Nuvi 310 Nuvi 1350 Oregon 450t
GPSMap 62stc Nuvi 350 Nuvi 1370T Oregon 550
GPSMap 78 Nuvi 370 Nuvi 1390T Oregon 550t
GPSMap 78s Nuvi 465T Nuvi 1350 StreetPilot c510
GPSMap 78sc Nuvi 500 Nuvi 1490T StreetPilot c530
Montana 600 Nuvi 550 Nuvi 2250 StreetPilot c550
Montana 650 Nuvi 600 Nuvi 2250LT StreetPilot c580
Montana 650t Nuvi 650 Nuvi 2350 Road Tech Zumo
Nuvi 30 Nuvi 650FM Nuvi 2350LT Zumo 220
Nuvi 40 Nuvi 660 Nuvi 2360LT Zumo 450
Nuvi 50 Nuvi 670 Nuvi 2405 Zumo 500
Nuvi 200 Nuvi 680 Nuvi 2450 Zumo 550
Nuvi 205 Nuvi 750 Nuvi 2450LM Zumo 660
Nuvi 200W Nuvi 755T Nuvi 2450LT Zumo 665
Nuvi 205W Nuvi 760 Nuvi 2450LMT
Nuvi 250 Nuvi 765T Nuvi 2505

(In general, any Garmin product that Garmin actually sensibly designed after 2006 would be included in the list above)]