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¿What is WikiAgro?

WikiAgro is a web page created on mid-2008 with the purpose of providing users with a virtual space where they can access and share contents about new information technologies applied tu agriculture, with a special emphasis on information management, GIS, precision farming and related precision technologies

What is a Wiki?

The term WikiWiki is of hawaian origin, and it means 'fast'. Its commonly used as Wiki and in technological terms, it's a software for the creation of content with a collaborative approach.

It applies to Web pages with links, images, or any type of content which can be visited or edited by any person, thus becoming a Web tool that allows to create articles collectively and make them available over the Internet.

In this way, the Wiki allows that a number of users can create a virtual space about a same topic, providing each one of them their knowledge to make it better and useful for everyone. Thus, it consolidates De esta forma la Wiki permite que varios usuarios puedan crear un espacio virtual sobre un mismo tema, aportando cada uno un poco de su conocimiento para que sea más completo y útil para todos. Finalmente se consolida cúmulo de saberes creados y sostenidos por una comunidad de personas vinculadas por un interés en común.

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