Workgroup Permissions administration

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{{#customtitle:Permissions Management|Permissions Management}} Image:GIS_con_Bar_21-01.png This button will display the Repository Permissions Management window for your organization.


Note Note: The use of this feature is restricted to the user in your organization designated as Permissions manager


Please choose the repository to which you have access at the Database menu.


Please use the Users menu to select the users of your organization to which you'll be assigning permissions. The users list will be updated automatically if you start typing the name of the user/s.

Once you've selected the user you can assign permissions as needed, these are the possible permission statuses:

Restricted access: the user can not access the Project, Sub-project or Layer.
Read only access: users can only download this Project, Sub-project or Layer; but you can't edit them.
Full Access: The user has full access to this resource.

Note Note: To change the permission in the Project, Sub-project or file, just click on the permission icon to modify them.


Image:GIS_con_Bar_21-06.png This button will update the status of the Repository Project tree.

Image:GIS_con_Bar_21-07.png This button saves the changes in the allocation of permissions made so far.